martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Muchas gracias Paloma y Varo

Nos invitasteis en su día a tocar en el primer Funtastic Dracula Carnival y el finde pasado, a ser el último grupo de la fiesta, una de las mejores (si no la mejor) que hayan existido jamás.
Os dejamos con algunos videos que hemos encontrado por ahí del concierto.
Headphone + We Sound Amazing but We Look Like Shit

Treat Her Right

Y ahora un trozo del momento de invasión de escenario en Tomorrow's another day que los que tengais facebook podeis ver pinchando aquí.
Muchos besos!!

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

A la venta: LOS CHICOS- 10 Years of Shaking Fat & Launching Shit. CD. Off The Hip Records

Ya está a la venta el CD recopilatorio publicado por el sello australiano OFF THE HIP (como reza el lema de su logo, “The Best in Australian Garage, Power-pop & Rock’nRoll”) de los 10 años de carrera de LOS CHICOS, “10 Years of Shakin’ Fat & Launchin’ Shit”. En el que hay temas de sus 4 LPs (3 de ellos son grabaciones actuales del 1º LP descatalogado hace años), y un tema inédito, una versión del "Treat Her Right" de Roy Head, a la manera de George Thorogood.

Puedes comprarlo por 10 euros, escribiendo a o a , y si quieres comprar más cosas del sello o de Los Chicos, échale un vistazo a o

Los Chicos estuvieron presentándolo, con gran éxito, el pasado mes de agosto por la geografía australiana. Puedes escucharlo de sus propias voces en la entrevista que les realizó Diego RJ para El Sótano, de Radio 3, recién llegados de las antípodas: También puedes seguir todas sus aventuras aussies en

Aquí tenéis lo que han dicho de este grupo y del recopilatorio 2 de los periodistas de r&r más respetados de Australia:

LOS CHICOS 10 Years Of Shakin’ Fat And Launchin' Shit (Off The Hip)

Like its less-fashionable Portuguese neighbour, Spain has never returned to the top ranking it held on the global charts 5OO years ago. Seduced by colonial riches, and without the political, economic and philosophical institutions that underpinned other European nations through the turbulent years of the industrial revolution and beyond, Spain - notwithstanding its recent World Cup success - may forever be condemned as a second-tier European nation.Spanish band Los Chicos were conceived among a collective aura of love for the best garage and punk rock, including a healthy dose of Australian rock 'n' roll. On the eve of their long-awaited pilgrimage to their holy land for that self-same Australian rock 'n' roll, Off The Hip records have put together a compilation of Los Chicos releases, charmingly titled 1O Years Of Shakin' Fat And Launchin' Shit. There's self-deprecating, hip shakin' rock in We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit and Los Chicos Party Boogie, even some King Khan-garage wonder in Equation Of Love and dumbed-up '6Os garage surf in You're My Sign. Headphones is perfectly constructed adolescent garage pop, Muddy Muddy is your average r'n'b track spiked into action by a jug of sangría and Grande Ballroom is Los Chicos' tribute to MC5, with special emphasis on that band's legendary Back in the USA-era.Tomorrow's Another Day leaves the shop-rat hoodlums of Detroit and stems from the redneck-garage country plains of Hicksville, USA, Free Time Romeo is all flailing arms, go-go dancing and Prince Valiant haircuts, I Hate Silence packs the unbridled charm of The Sunnyboys, Smudge and any band that's ever conquered the peaks of powerpop. For all its political and economic dramas, Spain remains a fantastic place, with a beautifully vibrant culture - it's said that Spain has the lowest rate of depression in the world. And while Spain doesn't do rock 'n' roll in large quantities, it does have a knack of producing its fair share of razor-sharp garage Iicks and frenetic rock 'n' roll exponents. Los Chicos do party rock 'n' roll like only the Spanish can. PATRICK EMERY

It should amaze no-one that Spain's the new world capital of rock and roll. Go there and you'll find half the country addicted to not going out until 11pm and then partying till dawn. God knows when they do any work. The bars are plentiful and everybody has a good time.Spain's rise in the music stakes parallels Australia's demise - a result of over-regulation and law-makers' all-consuming drive to turn the place into a mollycoddled nanny state if you ask me. But enough about us - this review is about Los Chicos and in a country of hedonists, they might just be the last party band left standing.You might have heard bits and pieces of Los Chicos ("the boys") down the years - they've had a string of releases on a slew of labels over the last decade - so a compilation pulling the threads together is overdue. Off The Hip's delivered, just in time for an Australian tour.The music of Los Chicos is like a bowl of paella, only less watery - you can pick your way through it and find all sorts of good things. Garage, soul and a touch of country twang. Sax punches its way through. The Fleshtones are a far too obvious comparison although the same good-time ethos is there. Los Chicos sound more like the Flamin' Sideburns crossed with the Swinging Neckbreakers. Black Sabbath, they are not; this is strictly garage fareVocalist Rafa's an engaging singer who's this side of a blues shouter, and twin brothers Gerardo and Antonio cut it up on guitars, but Los Chicos would be much less a band without the rhythm section of drummer Pina and bassist Manu, who alternatively drive the songs like there's no tomorrow or mercilessly swing like a bunch of wife swappers on a camping weekend with a jar full of ecstasy. Sixteen songs on this and every one of them has something to recommend. The raucous "Muddy Muddy" was Los Chicos' contribution to the "International Stomp-o-Lation" garage compilation of a few years ago and still kicks major arse, while the cover of Roy Head's "Treat Her Right" sounds like it's one of their own songs. No mean feat with such a well-known song."Los Chicos Party Boogie" is aptly titled with sax accents completing the job. "Tomorrow's Another Day" and the breakneck "Western Spray" show off a country-punk side. "Sheep Attack" is a song they should take to New Zealand (sorry Kiwis, but you did give us Russell Crowe) and "We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit" is clearly the mark of a band that doesn't take itself seriously. A seriously great record. Party on, vatos.THE BARMAN